3 Ways To Inspire Your Child To Spread Holiday Cheer At School


It's said that it feels better to give than to receive, but any child knows that is not always true. Sometimes it is undeniably fun to get things! Nevertheless, you can help your child get into the holiday spirit and discover some truly joyful ways of giving. Help your child create wonderful memories by helping others at school this holiday season. Extend an Invitation to a Lonely Child The holidays can be difficult for lonely children who may left out of holiday parties and gatherings that their peers have.

7 December 2016

Preschool Earth Day Activities: Make It Relatable


This year, Earth Day falls on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. Earth Day is a great time to explain to your preschool students how they can take care of the earth. You don't even have to make it just a day; you can celebrate Earth Day that entire week with your students. Young students are generally really carrying. They like to help out their friends and family. Earth Day presents you with a great opportunity to introduce your young students to the idea of caring for the world around them.

17 March 2015